Strict FOG legislation can save the sewers!

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Hello FOG Blog Readers!

Here at Grease Guardian we understand that sometimes it is difficult to obey the strict FOG ordinances that are put in place by city councils to help protect the environment and society from the harsh effects of fats, oils and grease (FOG) build up.

The same issue was highlighted in an article by the Elkhart Truth which focuses on small businesses in the local area struggling to abide by the strict laws set out by Elkhart’s fats, oils and grease ordinance. The ordinance was established in June 2015 and is meant to stop FOG from entering the city-owned sewer lines. As part of this, city officials have started cracking down on restaurant owners and other food producing establishments in the area. This has proved to have a negative impact on local restaurant owners as they say the “ordinance appears to be overkill” and that the newly implemented laws don’t “do a good job of looking at what people are doing at their establishments”.

Luckily for the proud owners of Grease Guardian grease traps, they are given a high quality service and a value for money product that always delivers. This includes a swift, efficient and effective delivery, a reliable and working product and great aftersales support and services. This is what has given Grease Guardian automatic grease removal units a great reputation in many markets around the world and is why we are recommended by catering equipment specifiers, globally.

To protect yourself from the municipal FOG legislation fines and to avoid the heartache of overpaying for grease traps and their aftersales service, get in contact with Grease Guardian and become the proud owner of one of our approved (PDI, NSF, MET, UPC) automatic grease traps. To do this, please contact us on the details given below.

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