Microbeads and FOG both causing damage to sewers!

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Have you ever wondered what happens waste water when you wash your face with plastic gels and facial scrubs? The UK government are now considering a ban on plastic microbeads in shower gels and facial scrubs if the European Union does not prohibit their usage. The beads are commonly used in face washes and cosmetics to remove dry skins and cells from the skin. The move is to target the plastic pollution at its target, crystals from the gels and scrubs are too small to be removed by the water treatment plants.

In previous blogs we have discussed the importance of what enters our waste waters with culprits such as FOG being a huge problem. FOG or Fats, Oil and Grease are now becoming a big problem for local authorities. Many articles can be found online on the impact this has from traffic jams due to maintenance to fix the problem to in some severe cases houses being in danger from sewage waste.
Dublin City Council spends €500,000 and a large number of working hours to tackle the issue each year. Dublin City Council currently operates a programme to limit the amount of discharge of FOG into the drainage system. A grease trap or grease retention unit is required by Food Service Establishments and will be inspected four times a year. This is a proactive approach to tacking an ever increasing problem to many local authorities.

To counter these problems FM Environmental developed the Grease Guardian range of automatic and manual grease removal equipment. Addressing the problem at source – in the kitchens and food preparation areas – the Grease Guardian traps and automatically removes 98% of free-floating grease and oils ensuring the sewer pipework remains FOG free. The compact, stainless steel unit fits neatly in the kitchen automatically trapping and removing grease on a daily basis.
To visit Grease Guardian’s web page click here: www.greaseguardian.com or contact on one of the following:

Email: sales@greaseguardian.com
Tel: 028 302 66616

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