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Hello FOG Blog Readers!
The year 2016 marks a very significant milestone for young aspiring athletes across a wide spectrum of sporting events. Of course I am talking about the Olympic Games 2016 which are being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
The Olympic Games can either be the start of a journey or the end of a journey in the sense that it is the pinnacle and ultimate prize of amateur sport, surpassing regional, national and world championships and thus symbolised that the athlete has reached the top and has nowhere further to go (apart from compete in more Olympic games). However, the Olympic Games can also be the beginning of an athlete’s ascension into the world of professional sports. A great example of this is Muhammad Ali winning the gold medal in the Rome Olympics in 1960 and then turning professional to go on and change the world of professional pugilism forever.
It is seen by countries as a massive privilege to hold the Olympic Games in one of your cities and it is believed to bring attention and foreign investment to that country. This couldn’t be more correct as the preparation for the Olympics exceeds any other sporting event in history. Preparation can include stadiums being built from scratch, the establishment of restaurants and the relocation of housing.
As talked about in a previous FOG Blog, the large stadiums that hold the different event can cause severe levels of pollution. To minimise waste water pollution, grease traps can be installed under sinks or on site of food producing establishments such as restaurants, takeaways and hotels.
Here at Grease Guardian, we manufacture and sell a wide range of these grease traps, including manuals, automatic and passive traps. These traps stop fats oils and grease (FOG) from going down the drains and building up. Without the instalment of these grease removal units, large arenas that have food producing facilities in them, such as the stadiums in Rio de Janeiro, will see large build-ups of congealed FOG and have the potential to harm the infrastructure around it and the environment in which it is based.
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