Grease Traps and Automatic Grease Removal Devices to be maintained daily

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It has come to our attention that an excess of sludge in West Bridgewater has led to a persistent bad smell coming from the sewer network, in the West Bridgewater area.

The matter came to the attention of local officials after numerous complaints came in about a “distinctive sewage scent”. This had prompted the officials to take action and find out the source of the smell and once that has been established they can then tackle the direct cause of the odour.

After an investigation was carried out, it was established that the source of the odour was coming from a build-up of sludge. Sewage sludge refers to the solids that are separated during the treatment of wastewater, mainly municipal. It is believed that the cause of the sludge is from a farmer’s land, where he uses the sludge as a fertilizer for his crops. The sludge then makes its way into rivers and sewers through the process of ‘surface runoff’ and from here it pollutes and causes foul smells within the town. The other cause is poorly maintained grease removal devices (GRU’s), especially passive/ manual traps that require regular desludging. If these units are not maintained to a high standard (i.e. desludged and serviced monthly by a licensed company) they will overflow, cause pollution and foul odour to the surrounding environment.

Grease Guardian offers an automatic grease removal device that requires less maintenance than a passive outdoor trap, ultimately saving you money on desludge call outs, maintenance and service work.  The Grease Guardian unit fits comfortably under commercial kitchen sinks, thus requiring much less space than a larger passive trap. The Grease Guardian’s favorable characteristics also include a GRR (grease removal rate) of 98%, branding it one of the most effective units within the market, today.

For more information on our automatic range of grease removal units, please contact us on the details given below.

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