Grease Traps and Automatic Grease Removal Devices by Grease Guardian!

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Hello FOG Blog Readers!

Today’s FOG Blog covers two aspects of FM Environmental’s line of work; the sewage treatment plants and the grease guardian grease removal units (GRU), also known as grease traps. For those who are not aware of who we are and what we do, FM Environmental is a wastewater engineering/consultancy company, based in Newry, Northern Ireland. The main products/services we sell are wastewater (WW) pumps, sewage treatment plants and storm water management services.

When carrying out our routine maintenance servicing on the WW treatment plants, we found that they were getting blocked with food particles, fats, oils and grease (FOG). These frequent blockages would disrupt the flow of water going to the treatment plant and thus result lessened efficiency and effectiveness of our product.

After consulting with a number of experts in this field of work, it was decided that some sort of filter/water separator was needed to stop the same problem occurring. It was decided upon that a grease removal unit (GRU) would be recommended at each sewage treatment plant/ wastewater treatment plant installation. These two installations would complement each other.

There are a number of different grease removal units available. These include; automatic ones such as the Grease Guardian (GG), Manual traps such as the Grease Guardian GT range, and passive traps. Passive traps are usually situated in-ground and are much bigger than the ones found under-sink. These require much more available space and this is why the compact, effective design of the D & X Range Grease Guardian grease traps are so popular around the world.

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See you again next week folks, for another FOG Blog!