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It has come to my attention, via the news, that a shop in Cambridge has been flooded and this has caused devastation and havoc on Regent Street. The local authorities who investigated the incident have determined that a “fatberg” which developed in the sewers below the shop, is the sole cause of the flood. For you guys that are new to our FOG Blogs, a fatberg is a congealed piece of fat, oils and grease that clogs sewers and pipes. These fatbergs can catch other waste products, such as nappies and baby wipes etc., thus making the fatberg a more prominent feature in the sewer and therefore makes the blockage for severe. The term ‘fatberg’ was recently added to the oxford dictionary. This is a clear indicator of the increased frequency of fatbergs being discovered, and the term being used.

The severity of fatbergs has been highlighted in the recent shut down of Regent Street. This is only one of 30,000 callouts that Anglian Water receives each year, due to fatberg build-ups. These are caused mainly by under-maintained grease traps in restaurants and food producing establishments. If these GRU’s are not maintained to a certain standard, it allows FOG to escape down the sewer; this damages the sewer and potentially the environment. With the recent grease trap laws and legislation’s put in place in cities across the world, restaurant owners can face fines and legal action if grease traps are continuously under-maintained.

Grease Guardians automatic units use a number of different components to ensure the most effective FOG control is underwent when we have our units installed under your sink/on your premises. These include spray bars (disturbs grease), heating elements (emulsifies grease), blower systems (disturbs settled grease), baffle walls (allows grease to separate naturally) and skimming wheels (skim off grease).

In conclusion, the flooding and closure of Regent Street, Cambridge was due to a build of of FOG in the municipal sewer network. This led to the formation of a fatberg. To reduce the likelihood of blocked drains and flooding in your premises, install and properly maintain a Grease Guardian grease trap. This will stop FOG deposits from going into your drains.

For information on how you can purchase a Grease Guardian unit, please use the details provided below to contact us. See you again next week, for another FOG Blog!



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