New Year, Floods and the Grease Trap Saviour

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Hello FOG Blog Readers

Today’s FOG Blog marks the return of the Grease Guardian department for another successful year of fighting the build-up of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in your municipal sewer networks and premises pipework. After a great Christmas break, we are back with more enthusiasm than ever, seeking to have a grease trap installed at every waste water effluent, both locally and internationally, thus minimizing risks of flooding.

The harsh effects of flooding have never been more evident with heavy rain and other unfavorable weather conditions causing widespread flash flooding across the UK and Ireland. Areas that have been affected the most include; Port Elphinstone, Scotland and Greenbank, Northern Ireland where the Grease Guardian headquarters is located. Luckily, we had our flood defenses in place and no water damage occurred. We believe that the same principles stand when dealing with grease traps. We see grease traps as a ‘defense’ against FOG build up and ultimately flooding, so when you install one under your sink or on your premises somewhere, you are protected from the devastating effects of flooding, the same way that we had our flood ‘defenses’ up and in this instance where spared from any damage.

The first step to take in getting a grease trap installed is to contact us using the details given at the bottom of this article. You will then be put in contact with an agent/distributor for your region who will advise you on the appropriate size of trap you will need, judging on meals per day, flow rate capability and a number of other factors. Once installed, our automatic range require minimal maintenance (depending on local grease trap legislation), including kitchen staff being recommended to empty the food waste strainer basket and grease collection container daily and a service every few months. These can be obtained through an annual service agreement in which one of our highly trained site engineers will visit the grease trap and give a full mechanical and electrical service, full desludge and will replace any wiper blades/gaskets that may need replaced. To view some of our high profile costumers, please click here.

That’s it from us today, folks. We hope you all have a great new year and a FOG-free 2016.


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