Increased use of Automatic Grease Traps at Christmas

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Good Morning FOG Blog readers!

Today’s FOG Blog carries on from the blog I did last week on our USA Website (which can be visited here I was talking about how in the run up to Christmas we all get a little excited with the festive antics and over indulge in the lovely food that goes hand-in-hand with Christmas. A percentage of this food will ultimately make its way down the drains of restaurant and cafe sinks, thus potentially clogging and blocking drains within municipal sewers and pipe networks.

We, at the Grease Guardian department, have had a high influx of calls regarding to general call outs to our service contract costumers. This is due to many restaurant owners wanting their grease traps working to their maximum effectiveness and efficiency as we approach the busy Christmas period. I am here to give you a few pointers on how you can keep your unit in tip-top form as you wait for your next service visit from our team of specialist engineers.

General housekeeping includes:

  • Remove lid and empty strainer basket into a bin
  • Remove side grease collection container and pour grease into collection container for later use/disposal
  • Daily internal clean; focusing on grease that may have deposited on the trough, exit pipe, skimming wheel. We also advice that wiper blades are removed and given a general clean to increase efficiency of the unit

Weekly cleaning can include:

  • Fill sinks with clean water and empty it to allow for clean water to flow through the unit. Ensure that the water level is reaching the skimming wheel

Other advice that we give to our customers includes:

  • Don’t use any bleach or caustics when wiping down the unit as they are damaging to metal
  • We advise that all units should be given a desludge/pump out and general mechanical and electrical service every 3 months to keep your grease trap running it top form. To give you the best and most competitive price for this, we recommend you start a service contract. You can get more information on these by contacting our Service Coordinator on 30266616.

We hope this helps, guys! Of course, have a great day and I will get talking to you soon with another grease trap related FOG Blog, next week!


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