Grease Traps and Christmas Turkey!

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Today’s FOG Blog is a gentle reminder about the festive season which is just around the corner and the many knock on effects that it has. While most of you, I’m sure, are thinking about Christmas dinner, opening presents and enjoying your holidays, we at the Grease Guardian department are thinking about the blocked drains, burst pipes and hefty fines which, unfortunately, come hand in hand with the Christmas holidays.

You may be wondering how damage to pipe work is promoted by Christmas; I’ll tell you! It is believed that on average, a person will eat almost twice as much as they would on Christmas Day than they would on a normal working day during the year, and this has an immediate knock on effect to the housing pipe networks and your municipal sewers. If there is no grease trap installed, the large amounts of grease, oil and fats in Christmas dinners (for example: turkey, puddings, gravy etc.) will pass down the sink as a liquid form but will congeal and become lodged in sewers and pipes, this therefore results in blockages, burst pipes and ultimately puts a ‘dampener’ on the Christmas holidays (excuse the pun).

If you want to save a small fortune on maintenance bills, repair charges and increasing insurance costs, we strongly advise that all food producing establishments install a grease trap. These come in all different shapes, models and sizes which can be chosen to best suit your facilities and requirements. For example, indoor traps, outdoor traps, manual and automatic. These can be viewed on our e-catalogue along with our full range of products, here.

This is just one of many benefits of installing a grease trap in your kitchen. Others include:

  • Exempt form municipal fines and charges
  • Increased level of kitchen automation
  • Increased hygiene within your kitchen
  • Reduced odour
  • Ability to reuse/sell on used oil
  • Increased level of waste disposal

Thanks again for reading, guys! Don’t forget to stick down one of our award winning Grease Guardians on your Santa list!

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