Advantages of using a Grease Trap

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Energy Reduction



  • Built in timer allows for heating element, spray-bar and skimming wheel to only be active at certain times throughout the day, for example- peak times such as lunch and dinner, thus reducing energy consumption.
  • New, low voltage (600) heating element design allows for minimum energy consumption when unit is active.
  • Our thermal cut-off system gives the heating element a maximum heat before it is turned off automatically. This takes into consideration both energy consumption and safety.
  • The new, easy to use PLC control system allows the user to utilise the built in energy saving mode without any hassle.
  • In-built motion sensor detects movement within the kitchen, thus allowing machine to turn itself off and save energy when it is not being used.

Carbon Reduction

  • The Grease Guardian unit is a compact unit with all the characteristics of a larger unit. It’s tidy, compact shape allows for lower travelling costs and fewer resources used in manufacturing which reduce carbon.
  • Using a Grease Guardian promotes recycling, mainly of the grease by-product- this can reduce carbon production considerably.

Better Waste Management

  • The utilisation of a grease trap allows for a more efficient and effective waste management system.
  • Fats, oils and greases are separated by the Grease Guardian unit, allowing the user to easily dispose of the waste in the appropriate waste collection containers.
  • Therefore, increased hygiene and fewer odours from waste.

Kitchen Automation

  • The introduction of a Grease Guardian into your kitchen allows the user to have an extra element of management and control within their establishment.

Financial Benefits

  • Reduction in drainage maintenance and repair costs.
  • Complies with council regulations and laws, thus being exempt from fines.
  • Decrease the likelihood of house floods.


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