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Unless you have been living in solitary confinement for the past 3 days, I’m sure you are aware of the recent Volkswagen scandal!

To cut a long story short- in a recent attempt to break into the US market, Volkswagen have implanted a device into more than 11 million of their newly manufactured vehicles which ultimately rigs the emissions output of the car during the trial/test stages, putting up a front that they are low emission car when they are actually not at all. It is still unsure how they got found out but it has happened and everyone seems to have an opinion on it.

Since being found out, there has been a number of knock on effects and repercussions, including; a devastating blow to VW’s reputation, a fine of up to $18bn (37.7k per car), the resignation of  Martin Winterkorn, the VW group Chief Executive and a generalised lack of trust from the public to manufacturers across the globe.

This can be converted into the world of automated grease traps. For example, if we at Grease Guardian claim that our new GGX15 model can deal with a flowrate of 0.95litres/sec, we expect our distributors and costumers to believe that it is capable of doing so. However, with the massive publicity that VW got regarding their tampering of emissions output in their cars, consumers across the world are beginning to question manufacture’s guarantees and maybe not take it for granted.

With us at Grease Guardian, our active grease traps undergo rigorous testing by all the major governing and regulation bodies, including PDI, NSF, MET and CSA, thus meaning that our claim that the GGX15 can do 0.95litres/sec is a guarantee enforced by the previously stated bodies.

To finalise, the VW scandal reinforces our own beliefs that the best way to go about your sales is not to cheat, but to market a genuine, highly competitive product (in our case the brand new GGX series) in an honest way, and obviously to have the qualifications and certificates to prove it!

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