Renewable energy sources, grease traps and the reduction of deforestation..all involved in ‘green programs’

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Our FOG Blog entry for this week takes you out of the freezing UK to sunny New Haven, Connecticut where a new number has been put on the amount of trees present on the globe.

A new study has found that there is approximately 3.1 trillion trees on earth, compared to the previous estimate which was “4 billion at most”- this means that for every one person on earth, there is upwards of 420 trees.

This new study was carried out by Thomas Crowther of Yale University and his colleagues. Crowther’s primary research technique was ground truth data where he used satellite imagery, cartography and meteorology to gather information from 400,000 different plots of land, all from a distance.

You may be thinking this is great for the environment and that we can put off using grease traps, solar panels and other sustainability focused technologies, but this isn’t the case. Crowther has stated that he hasn’t “discovered a load of new trees” or “new carbon”, he has simply picked up on something that was already there.

Due to the rapid rate that man is removing trees from the earths forests (15 billion/yr.), we cannot afford to take are foot off the pedal in relation to our fight for a ‘green earth’.  This means that renewable energy sources, grease traps, reduction of deforestation and ‘green programs’ must be sustained and enforced.

Let’s not forget the many benefits of being green:

Solar panels and other renewable energy sources allow home owners to save on electricity and heating bills while utilising natural resources. Grants can be applied for through the UK government and local councils to have solar panels and wind turbines installed on properties.

Increased insulation can have massive beneficial effects on not only homes, but businesses also. These can reduce on heating bills through reducing the loss of heat through roof spaces, windows and walls. For the readers who are like us, who are situated Northern Ireland; you will understand that an Irish winter is nothing to be made little of!

Within restaurants and other food establishments, grease traps can be installed to reduce the amount of fats, oils and greases that go down the drain which not only protects the environment and reduces YOUR drainage maintenance costs but increases hygiene within your kitchen, reduces odour and abides by legal legislation marked out by many local authorities.

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