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While many of us are preparing for a hard day at work, or a tough day at school, Erik Van Sebille is continuing his day to day research on the detrimental effects that waste is having on wild life (particularly birds).

So far, Van Sebille has established that approximately 90% of seabirds have eaten plastic of some sort and that the chances are it will retain a part of it in their stomach.

Van Sebille has recently paired up with Jenna Jambeck, an expert on plastic waste from the University of Georgia, and together they have concluded that the source of the problem is stemming from society’s lack of effective waste management, for example the use of grease traps, recycling centers and food traps. Waste from numerous sources, such as skips and refuge sites can be found in water systems such as rivers, estuaries, lakes and oceans where they can easily harm the wildlife that lives there.

Jenna Jambeck and Erik Van Sebille have seen the problem that they are dealing with compared to the likes of climate change, however they insist it is not the same, claiming that climate change requires a long-term solution but waste management can be solved relatively quickly if done with efficiency.

There are a number of steps that YOU can take to help Jenna and Erik combat this problem!

If you own a restaurant, takeaway or food establishment of any sort you can install a Grease Guardian automatic grease trap which stops fats oils and greases from going down the drain, thus allowing food waste to be disposed of properly.

One of our ST Range can be installed at your sinks to stop large food particles from reaching the sewer systems. This prevents blockages and lowers pipe/drainage maintenance costs.

Finally, for the coffee drinkers out there, you can spread the word to your local baristas and favorite coffee shops that Coffee Guardians are available. These stop coffee granules from going down the sink. In numerous instances we have had costumers saving up to £300 per annum on drainage maintenance and expresso machine service costs.

These small improvements that YOU can do will be the foundations to a cleaner, healthier and sustainable environment.

As always, thanks for reading our FOG Blog guys and have a great day!



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