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The Growing Concern About Grease

Grease – A Growing Problem

City, town, and neighborhood development is happening all around us. New buildings are constructed as older buildings continue to get remodeled for today’s life style. With these changes, comes the need for improved equipment to protect an aging city infrastructure that is already pushed to the limit. Grease or FOG discharge into the public sewer system is one of the continuing headaches that city officials are faced with. The growing number of food establishments, hotels, grocery stores, and mixed-use buildings puts a tremendous strain on public sewer system and existing wastewater treatment plants.

Pipe blockages, unhygienic backups, fatbergs, and broken pumps are all expensive problems for Cities to deal with. Around the country FOG Programs are becoming a necessity to combat the growing problems that are associate with grease. These programs call for grease management equipment to be installed and maintained by food establishments. These systems are designed to capture and separate grease before it enters the public sewer system, making it easy to be properly handled and hauled away.

Automatic grease recovery systems or AGRU’s are often preferred or explicitly required by FOG ordinances. This type of equipment captures and automatically removes grease. With daily grease skimming and removal, the equipment remains efficient and you dramatically reduce your restaurants required grease pump out schedule. This saves you money!

The Grease Guardian X Series will help your restaurant, café, hotel, or school meet all your local fats, oils, and grease ordinances. Our all stainless-steel equipment is simple and efficient. The Grease Guardian Point Source range comprises of the GGX7, GGX15, GGX20, GGX25 and GGX35. This allows Grease Guardian to cover a wide range of grease management applications.

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