Grease Guardian X

Grease Guardian – An Interceptor for Every Job

Hello Boggers! Grease Interceptors for Specialty Applications Not all automatic grease interceptors are created equal, just like not all applications requiring the same level of equipment. Some applications require the industry expertise and commercial equipment to handle the job. Fats, oils, and grease can be different based on the source generating them. This is what the Grease Guardian equipmen
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Grease Guardian – How Does it Work?

Hello Bloggers, How Do Grease Interceptors Work? If your own a restaurant or food establishment you are aware of your requirements to manage fats, oils, and grease. Therefore, your local municipal ordinances call for all food establishments to install and maintain a grease interceptor. This equipment is designed and installed to capture and retain fats, oils, and grease from your kitchen waste wat
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The Grease Guardian Difference

Hello Bloggers! Grease Guardian is constantly seeking feedback from its install base. It is in these ideas we look to design and update our latest equipment. Giving the customers and municipalities features they need to have an effective FOG management program. Flexibility is what sets the Grease Guardian X Series apart from other automatic grease removal units on the market. Optional Washdown Fea
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Looking Beyond Your FOG Ordinance

Hello Bloggers: Isolation and Containment of Grease is the Ultimate Goal: You have seen previous Blog Posts that dive into the idea of Isolation and Containment of grease and FOG waste. Point source grease removal equipment like the Grease Guardian is installed right at the grease generating source. Eliminating long pipe runs and reducing the potential for grease related backups. A few common exam
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Grease Guardian – FOG Education

Grease Trap
Hello Bloggers. Start or Continue Expanding your FOG Program Grease and FOG control is a growing concern for municipalities across the country. From large cities to small towns, city officials are working to write effective grease related ordinances and expand their knowledge about FOG control. Just this year members of the Grease Guardian team have attended functions all over the country dedicate
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