Grease Guardian X

The Grease Guardian Difference

Hello Bloggers! When deciding on the right grease interceptor it is important that you properly research and decide what features are right for YOUR kitchen. Not all interceptors are created equal and many will not give you the performance you are looking for. Grease Guardian has developed the Grease Guardian X Series with the customer in mind. Features that allow for flexibility and overall perfo
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Doing More For FOG Control

Grease Trap
Hello Bloggers Isolation and Containment The advancement and enforcement of Fats, Oils, and Grease management is mainly driven by ordinances around the country. Restaurants and municipalities alike have a responsibility to properly manage and dispose of FOG waste. When you look beyond the minimum requirements of the ordinance you see that there is an added benefit for restaurant and kitchen facili
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FOG Terminology

Hello Bloggers! Several of our Grease Guardian blogs have been dedicated to helping decode the terms and ideas around grease interceptors and fats, oils, and grease ordinances around the country. It is important that everyone understands their role in FOG management, so ordinances are able to have maximum effect in protecting the city infrastructure and surrounding environment. Sizing and Flow Rat
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Grease Managment – The Importance of Solids Removal

Grease Trap and ge interceptor
Hello Bloggers! The Importance of Solids Removal Many of these blogs are dedicated to learning more about fats, oils, and grease. Discussing the importance of proper grease management equipment and interceptor maintenance are key topics that will help in reducing grease waste in your cities public sewer system. Proper kitchen habits ensure that the topics above can be put into practice. Specifical
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Upgrade Your FOG System

Good Afternoon Bloggers! Grease is a growing issue in buildings and city sewers across the country. The expansion of restaurants, mixed use buildings, hot food bars, and super market cafes all play a role in the growing efforts to write and enforce new Fats, Oils, and Grease ordinances. Where specifically is all this “new” grease coming from…?     Mixed Use Buildings – The new trend of m
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