Grease Guardian X

Grease Guardian – Grease Removal System

Hello Bloggers! A well-defined grease interceptor maintenance program and best kitchen management practices are important to ensure your grease interceptor is running efficiently. Keeping your interceptor clean and limiting the number of solids it captures will help in keeping your interceptors potential grease capacity at a high level. It sounds good, but what does this translate to? More money i
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Grease Guardian Equipment

Grease Trap and ge interceptor
Hello Bloggers! The truth is when you dream of opening your first restaurant, deli, or bakery, grease management and your local FOG ordinance is one of the last things that comes to mind. We understand that, grease is often the last unexpected hurdle. Grease Guardians are built to last! Proven, industry leading design, takes industrial pretreatment of fats, oils, and grease to a professional level
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Continued FOG Education

Team Effort Behind FOG Management Municipalities across the country are continuing to invest time and money into educating food facilities about the harmful effects of Fats, Oils and Grease being discharged into the sewer system. Food establishments must be vigilant about their kitchen habits and continue to be cautious about what they pour down the drain. On top of best kitchen management practic
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The Growing Concern About Grease

Grease – A Growing Problem City, town, and neighborhood development is happening all around us. New buildings are constructed as older buildings continue to get remodeled for today’s life style. With these changes, comes the need for improved equipment to protect an aging city infrastructure that is already pushed to the limit. Grease or FOG discharge into the public sewer system is one of t
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Grease Guardian – Simple and Effective

Hello Bloggers!! Let Grease Guardian Be The Solution for You!! You have done your homework and have purchased and installed your brand new stainless-steel Grease Guardian X series. Now what? It is important that you make sure you build some simple maintenance habits into your food establishments daily kitchen routine. Whether it is you or your kitchen staff, a few quick and daily steps will ensure
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