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Grease is a growing problem in cities across the country. It is well documented that excess fats, oils, and grease discharged into the sewer system will eventually lead to expensive pipe blockages, waste over flows and failures at your waste water facilities. There are many parties involved in solving this issue. City officials, plumbing engineers, and end users all have a responsibility to provide the best possible grease management solution.

In many new building projects or food establishment retrofits, the responsibility of specifying an appropriate grease interceptor falls on the plumbing engineer designing the project. Usage, ordinances, effectiveness, and space are just a few of the criteria that engineers must consider when selecting a grease interceptor for their design.

Grease Guardian is an ideal solution for your next grease management project. From the beginning, our team will be able to provide you with the application expertise that will make any engineers job easier! We can properly size our equipment and make appropriate application suggestions. Our end goal is always to provide high quality and dependable equipment that will result in the best possible solution.


Grease Guardian automatic systems is an engineers dream when dealing with space issues. Our equipment has unlimited grease removal potential with the smallest possible footprint. With space saving features, engineers can fit the Grease Guardian equipment into limited space applications. A basement, under a skink, or table, Grease Guardian gives any engineer installation flexibility.

Standard features such as automatic wash-down bars, stainless steel construction, PLC controller, BMS capabilities make Grease Guardian an ideal solution for all grease management projects!!

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