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Through our extensive time in the field working with city officials, inspectors, and food establishment owners we have found that in most cases, a grease interceptors performance is directly related to its maintenance and upkeep. Without proper maintenance habits, your application will struggle to be effective.

This past week we saw another extensive grease related back up at a beach town in Florida. With over a $9,000.00


bill to do a full removal and cleanup of the greasy overflow, the city and business owner were left to figure out who was at fault. As was the case for this overflow, existing grease interceptors are sometimes overworked, undersized, and out of date. These problems are only compounded when owners fail to meet the maintenance obligations that are required for the equipment to properly function. Cities are continuing to spend more money to respond to these incidents and try to tame the growing grease problem.

Grease related horror stories of expensive public sewer backups, waste water treatment plant failures, and restaurant shut downs are all things that can be reduced with a well-managed FOG program. Everyone can be doing more to help in reducing the grease discharge into the public sewer system.

The type of equipment you install is a great place to start!

The Grease Guardian is designed to capture incidental solids and remove / skim out grease automatically. These features allow for your Grease Guardian to capture FOG at maximum efficiency over a longer period than a traditional passive interceptor. This allows you to pump less frequently. Saving you money! Grease Guardians are effective and reliable. With the flexibility of a PLC controller, your Grease Guardian can be programmed for your specific needs.

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