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Grease waste from grease traps is now being used in the preparation of bio-fuel and one company in New England has taken on the task to treat waste grease and covert the material into a high-grade bio-fuel.  It uses a brown grease separation system to refine used grease waste.  The rise in the popularity of bio-diesel and bio-fuel has helped cities fuel buses and heat buildings.  Grease traps are commonly installed by food establishments and restaurants to help reduce the amount of Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste entering the drains.


Grease traps are an important piece of kitchen equipment for any food restaurant or business.  A grease trap will reduce FOG waste going into the drain and reduce the risk of blockages, back-ups, expensive repairs and fatbergs!  A fatberg is a congealed mass of fats, oil and grease that end up in our sewers and mix with other waste like wet-wipes and food waste.

Food service operators must install a grease trap or grease removal device to prevent blockages. Grease Guardian provides a range of grease management products that are designed with quality in mind.  The Grease Guardian Automatic Range is the best-selling under sink grease removal system. The Grease Guardian X and D series traps food waste and fats and removes grease with a highly efficient skimming program. The Grease Guardian can be connected to pot wash sinks, pre-rinse sinks and combi ovens. These units are compact enough to fit any application and require minimum ongoing maintenance.


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