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A well-defined grease interceptor maintenance program and best kitchen management practices are important to ensure your grease interceptor is running efficiently. Keeping your interceptor clean and limiting the number of solids it captures will help in keeping your interceptors potential grease capacity at a high level.

It sounds good, but what does this translate to? More money in your pocket!

FOG programs across the country require a maintenance frequency of grease interceptors. Most costly to the end user is, pump out frequency. Based on third party certification, an interceptor is rated to capture and separate a set amount of grease (pounds). When you reach this capacity, it is deemed that the interceptor is no longer capturing FOG. It is at this point, where you may have an obligation to pump out your grease interceptor. The faster you reach capacity, the more you must pump. This can become extremely expensive and inefficient.  

The Grease Guardian is designed to capture solids and remove or skim out grease automatically. These features allow for your Grease Guardian to capture FOG at maximum efficiency over a longer period than a traditional passive interceptor. By removing “X” pounds of grease a day and keeping solids out of the interceptor, you now have an interceptor that takes longer to reach its certified grease capacity. This allows you to pump less frequently. Saving you money!

The Grease Guardian Point Source range comprises of the GGX7, GGX15, GGX20, GGX25 and GGX35. This allows Grease Guardian to cover a wide range of applications from single bay sinks such as pot wash or pre-rinse type, up to large 3 bay sinks or multiple sink applications.

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