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The truth is when you dream of opening your first restaurant, deli, or bakery, grease management and your local FOG ordinance is one of the last things that comes to mind. We understand that, grease is often the last unexpected hurdle.

Grease Guardians are built to last! Proven, industry leading design, takes industrial pretreatment of fats, oils, and grease to a professional level.


What Is the Right Grease Guardian for Me?

The Grease Guardian Point Source Range (In the kitchen) comprises of the GGX7, GGX15, GGX20, GGX25, and the GGX35. These machines are designed to meet the flow rates from your normal kitchen appliances. Kitchen equipment such as a single and 3 bay sinks, pot wash sinks and pre-rinse stations are all covered with our point source machine. If you are a small or medium sized food service establishment, chances are you will need a Point Source Grease Guardian.  By providing our team with the necessary information and dimensions, we will properly size your piece of equipment.

The Grease Guardian Centralized Solutions are designed to handle large flow applications, Full service restaurants, hotels, hospitals, or universities. With additional features, this equipment is designed to handle commercial level conditions. Our AST version allows for a full automatic grease removal unit. All GGX-AST type systems are designed to be self-sufficient. No daily, weekly, or even monthly internal maintenance is required.

Grease Guardian has the experience and expertise to help you comply with your local ordinance. Our Grease Guardian X Series is vast and covers an endless number of potential applications. Let us help you!

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