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Dothan city has seen a significant drop in the amount of FOG waste entering their sewage system.  Like other cities in the world a Fats, Oil and Grease programme is being introduced to further reduce the amount of FOG waste entering the sewer.  Dublin City currently has a FOG programme in operation and requires FOG producing kitchens to install and maintain a grease trap and has seen a significant improvement since its introduction.

Dothan City will require restaurants to install and maintain grease traps to reduce the amount of oil going down the drain.  It is estimated that over 450 establishments will need to be regulated.  Grease and FOG waste are responsible for over 30 % of overflows in the sewers and it is not only Dothan that has this problem.  Cities in the UK frequently deal with back-ups, overflows and removal of fatbergs.  The installation of grease traps will be a vital piece of equipment in reducing the risk of fatbergs and FOG waste entering the sewer.


A grease trap works by separating Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) from water.  FOG is lighter than water and will float to the top of the grease trap, the clean water will enter the sewage system and FOG waste will be trapped.  Grease Guardian offers a range of automatic grease traps which are suitable for kitchens and even basements.


Send us the following information and we can let you know exactly what you need to do

  • Location (City)
  • Type of establishment
  • Estimated meals per day if applicable
  • Type of grease trap used if any
  • Size (roughly) of grease trap
  • Current emptying frequency of grease trap

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