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Continued FOG Education

Team Effort Behind FOG Management

Municipalities across the country are continuing to invest time and money into educating food facilities about the harmful effects of Fats, Oils and Grease being discharged into the sewer system. Food establishments must be vigilant about their kitchen habits and continue to be cautious about what they pour down the drain.

On top of best kitchen management practices, it is equally important for municipalities to educate Food Service Establishments on


exactly what is required of them. Some States across the US have taken steps to provide the necessary resources for FSE’s to understand their local grease ordinances. FOG permitting programs have been put in place to help restaurants and other FSE’s understand grease interceptor permitting, maintenance requirements and monitoring obligations. When all parties involved fully understand their role, your FOG program will have its best results. Ultimately saving everyone headaches and money!

Capturing all this grease is also a benefit to the environment. Not only will it greatly reduce the chances of having a harmful and unsanitary back up but in many cases this grease can be recycled for other purposes. It is critical that both municipalities and food service establishments educate themselves on how to responsibly dispose of their kitchen waste.  

Grease Guardian Guidance

Grease Guardian is here to help! With decades of experience in the waste water field, we can help you unpack your local FOG ordinance and make sure you meet its requirements. Our team will provide you with the a properly sized and approved grease removal system and answer any questions you may have.

The Grease Guardian Point Source range comprises of the GGX7, GGX15, GGX20, GGX25 and GGX35. This allows Grease Guardian to cover a wide range of grease management applications. We also offer a full line of centralized units. These units are designed to handle large flow applications. 

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